Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank You, Jeeves

Thank You, Jeeves (A Jeeves and Bertie Novel)Thank You, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse

Easy-going Bertie Wooster is in a bit of a bind. The neighbors keep complaining about his banjolele playing, so he's being evicted. Instead of giving up the banjolele, he will remove to a country cottage where he can play to his heart's content without bothering anyone. Jeeves would rather resign than live in a country cottage with the banjolele. And he does.

Bertie's off to the country, living in a cottage owned by his good friend the Fifth Baron Chuffnell (aka Chuffy) who, conveniently, now employs Jeeves. Rounding our our comedy are Pauline Stoker (Bertie's ex-fiance) her father (who hates our dear Bertie) and Sir Roderick Glossop (who also hates Bertie and is the reason Mr. Stoker hates Bertie and made Pauline call off the engagement.)

At stake is the fact that Pauline and Chuffy are rather in love, but there's a money issue. Bertie tries to shove them in the right directions, but always gets caught by Mr. Stoker, which only fuels Stoker's feelings that Pauline is still in love with Chuffy.

Hijinks and hilarity ensue.

I've never read any Wodehouse before, and I absolutely loved it and have a great desire to read the rest of his work, at least when it comes to Jeeves and Wooster. It was just pure silliness.

I will, however say, that this book is a product of its place and time (England, 1934). One of the plot points revolves around the fact that there is also a team of Minstrels in the same part of the country. Jeeves refers to them as "Negro Minstrels" while most of the other characters use a different N word. There is also a great deal of people running around in black face. We never actually meet the Minstrels, so we're at least spared that. It is what it is. I did still enjoy the book, but wanted to let you know that it was there and not nice.

I will definitely be on the look out for other Wodehouse.

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