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InsatiableInsatiable Meg Cabot

Here's all you really need to know about this book-- it has nuns kicking more vampire ass than Buffy. Seriously. NUNS KICKING VAMPIRE ASS. What more do you need in a book?*

Meena can see when people are going to die. It's a gift/curse she's dealt with for awhile. She's also having a horrible week-- she just got passed over for the head writer job at the soap opera she writes dialogue for. If that weren't bad enough, Shoshona, her work nemesis got it (and somehow managed to purchase the $5,000 Mark Jacobs tote Meena's been lusting after for a very long time.) Even worse? Shoshona is demanding that they work in a vampire storyline, just like their rival show. Meena is SO SICK of this vampire craze. When did we decide that vampires weren't misogynistic monsters and instead objects we should give ourselves to?

Lucien Antonescu is the Prince of Darkness and head of all vampires. He's also dead sexy and on his way to New York, because some vampires have gotten out of control and are killing people again, and dumping their bodies in Manhattan's parks.

Alaric Wulf is a member of the Palatine Guard, the Pope's demon-killing force. After what a den of vampires did to his demon-slayer partner in Berlin, he's hell-bent** on revenge.

When Meena falls for Lucien and then Alaric tells her that vampires are real?

Yeah, she's about to be caught in the middle of a war featuring fighting vampire factions and the forces sworn to destroy all of them.

SERIOUSLY. Nuns go from baking yummy cookies one minute to water balloons filled with holy water and staking vamps the next. What more do you need?!

Definitely for adults (When Lucien bites Meena, it's not on the neck.) But I do love Meg Cabot. Her vampires, while some are definitely sexy and bad boys you could see someone falling for, are not nice guys. Even the good guy is kinda creepy (and at the end, really creepy. I started singing Police in my head.) Meena's not passive and tries not to fall for the vampire thing everyone else seems to be falling for these days. In the end, a very enjoyable vampire book that takes us back to what vampires used to be--villains that were hard to resist, which made them that much more dangerous.

Did I mention the vampire slaying nuns?

*We need more nuns in literature and books that do more than whack your knuckles with a ruler.

**pun totally intended.

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Amanda said...

I just started this one last night and am finding myself completely sucked in (pun intended there too ;). And, though I hate to admit it, it's my first Meg Cabot book. *Gasp*