Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloggiesta Check In

Well, I had to go to work today, so that cut out some of my Bloggiesta time. I also realized one of my goals was impossible for this weekend (and not just for sheer numbers. I know most of mine are practically not going to happen, but this one just CAN'T happen) and thought of some more...

Basically, this blog is supposed to be a record of *Everything* I read, so I link to reviews published elsewhere. I have many reviews published in School Library Journal that I haven't linked to yet that I want to, but due to their moving to new systems, their reviews aren't online at the moment, so I can't exactly link to them, can I? (or find out if certain ones ran this June. The work copy hasn't gotten to my desk yet.) So, that goal gets delayed for now.

But, I remembered that my blog roll needs updating and that I my early posts aren't tagged (Because Blogger didn't have tagging functions back then. In fact, I'm not sure tagging exsisted 5 years ago. The internet moves so fast!) So, there are two more goals.

So far, I've been going for 9 hours.

1. Read 1500 blog posts. (I'm currently 1300 behind, but surely 200 more will appear in my reader by the end of this weekend. Heck, probably by the end of today.) I've read 768, which brings my unread posts to under 1000! Huzzah!)
2. Write 65 book reviews. I've done 2
3. Pre-schedule 2 weeks worth of reviews
4. Catch up on my record-keeping
5. Organize my google reader
6. Add reviews to LibraryThing
7. Challenge posts
8. Tell you about my SLJ reviews
10. Write 10 non-review blog posts
11. Tag old posts, add links and pictures
12. Clean up the blogroll


Jacqueline C. said...

Wow, 65 reviews! I hope you make your goal. Keep up the good work!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I have nearly the exact same number of book reviews to write and it's very overwhelming. Glad to know that it's not just me.