Friday, June 11, 2010

Bloggiesta check in

Carrie wins "most helpful hint of the day" award for pointing out that if I look in Google trends, it will tell me how many blog posts I've read in a given day! Huzzah!

Anyway, I've now been Bloggiesta-ing for 2 hours. So far I have.

1. Organized my google reader
2. Read 178 blog posts.

In my non-Bloggiesta-ing time, I've been to the bank, the dry-cleaners and salon. My eyebrows no longer look like caterpillars trying to eat my face and my hair is shorter and physically lighter (in color, it's actually much darker.) Seriously, I only cut about 4 inches off (plus some thinning to deal with the weight) but I think I might have lost 5 pounds just by cutting my hair. Easiest and prettiest diet ever!


Word Lily said...

I myself am a huge fan of the haircut diet plan. I know it well. :p

Marie said...

I also do that diet plan.

Thanks for the tip about Google Trends. Have a good weekend.