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Star Wars Rebel Force: Uprising

Uprising (Star Wars Rebel Force)Star Wars Rebel Force: Uprising Alex Wheeler


This is hard, because in many ways, this was not the book I wanted, and part of that was a giant marketing failure, which I'll talk about later.

X-7 is dead. Soresh needs to eliminate Luke, and to replace his assassin. Could he break Luke and remold him as the new X-7? Vader wants Luke alive. Vader wants to deal with him personally, but Soresh isn't afraid of Vader...

Ok, so the fact that Soresh isn't afraid of Vader? That should tell you something right away about how stupid he is. I'm pretty sure this is the end of the series (given that the epilogue is really the opening scenes of The Empire Strikes Back. That, and there's a pretty high body count. Who dies and who lives is pretty easily answered by "Hmmm... who does and does not appear in Empire Strikes Back?"

Part of what I was expecting of this book based on the previous books never materialized-- we get some Vader action in this one, but I was hoping for a lot more. Also, we never did discover why the Rebels left Yavin 4 for Hoth. Ah well.

Pretty good on the action front, but I'll admit that what I liked best about the earlier books in this series was the politics and personal relationships. This is more action. (And these preferences shouldn't surprise long-time readers. I mean, that's why I prefer Catching Fire to The Hunger Games.)

Anyway, part of my initial confusion was because this book was very madly mismarketed. Amazon and Scholastic both gave this as the plot description:

Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca have been sent to the planet Tessacor, a long-time Rebel sympathizer. In need of some help on that side of the galaxy, Luke is looking forward to a mission that doesn't involve risking his neck.

That is, until they show up and find that a group of teenage Imperials has staged a coup, overthrowing the capital city's government and taking control, enacting the Empire's protocols and ruthlessly suppressing dissent.

Caught off-guard, our heroes must persuade the young leaders to join their cause . . . or find themselves at the mercy of the Empire once more.

Which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book I read. I emailed Scholastic to point out the error and to ask if the book described above would come out, because I'd like to read it. I never heard back from them, but I have noticed that their website copy now matches what's on the back of the book and accurately describes the plot as much as the back of the book ever does.

Also, the original plot description sounds much more like an "Uprising." The title of this book made no sense! I really want to read the other one (and let's face it, I really enjoyed this series, so I'm just holding out all small hopes that there will be more) but given how this book ended, I don't really think it's going to happen.

Le Sigh

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