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The Return of the BSC-- The Summer Before

The Summer Before (Babysitters Club)The Babysitter's Club: The Summer Before Ann M. Martin

I am such a huge fan of the Baby-Sitter's Club and am SO EXCITED that Scholastic is *finally* re-releasing them. Along with the re-release, we get a prequel, with what happens the summer before the BSC begins.

Kristy isn't sure how she feels about her mom's new boyfriend, Watson. All she wants for her birthday is for her dad to remember it, to do something special. She knows it's a long shot but...

If you though Mary Anne's dad was strict in the series, can you imagine having to have a co-babysitter? During the day? FOR JAMIE NEWTON? (Hi-hi!)

Claudia likes Kristy and Mary Anne... but they aren't into fashion and boys and all Claudia can see is a gulf widening between them. So, when a cute older boy offers a distraction, Claudia takes it.

Stacey is glad to be leaving New York behind. Ever since her best friend turned into Her Royal Meanness, New York doesn't have much to offer. Surely her new town will be better!

Just like in a Super-Special, the chapters alternate narrators as we get a look at these characters and their relationships, along with lots of babysitting. A great introduction to the series and a welcome addition for old-skool fans. My only complaint? When the Pike kids are described as all having dark hair. Everyone knows Mallory is a redhead!!!

Also, I heard that the new BSC books were supposed to be leveled down a bit and updated. Well, my awesome coworker Lauren and I flipped through a new and original version of Kristy's Great Idea and found that the font got bigger and the margins smaller. Also, they changed the baby-block logo of the club a bit.

Other changes-- "un-airconditioned" becomes "un-air-conditioned." Stacey's hair looks recently "styled" instead of "permed." The flier they put up advertising the club changes a bit-- the logo changes and the phone number is a 555-xxxx instead of a KL 5-xxxx. Also, the new flier doesn't have everyone's home numbers on it.

But you know what didn't change? Claudia and Stacey's sweet sweet outfits. We figured that was one thing that desperately NEEDED updating, but no. They're dressed as wacky as ever and praised for their awesome fashion sense. LOVE IT.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Oh, the Babysitter's Club! How many countless summers I sat hunkered down with the little checkered paperbacks. Love them. This prequel sounds cute!