Wednesday, May 05, 2010


ArchEnemy: The Looking Glass WarsArchEnemy: The Looking Glass Wars Frank Beddor

In this final installment of the Looking Glass Wars trilogy, all of Imagination is being held captive by King Arch. Loyalties are made and broken in webs of intrigue, betrayal and lies. If Queen Alyss is to save her queendom, it's once more onto the battle field, and back to Oxford and the Liddells.

If you liked the series so far, you'll like this. If you didn't then, move on along and find something else to tickle your fancy. I liked that there was still a lot of cool battle scenes with imagined weapons, but the back room deals and intrigue were much more pronounced in this one.

Also, we get such much more of the caterpillars, which was great. A most satisfying conclusion to a series I really enjoyed.

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