Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Trivia Queen, Third Grade Supreme

Trivia Queen, 3rd Grade Supreme Derrick Barnes

Besides singing, Ruby's main talent is trivia. "When it comes to little facts, strange facts, and funny facts about any- and everything, there's a good chance I know it." So, she's very excited when she hears the school is having an animal trivia contest, with the winner winning zoo passes for his or her entire grade. And it will be televised! The only problem is that it's only for the 4th-8th graders! Ruby has no way worming her into the contest, but things get bad when she finds out that two of her brothers are also representing their grades in the contest. She knows she could beat every kid in the school, except for maybe the Booker Boys.

It also has a great section of animal trivia questions (and answers) in the back.

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