Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday Salon-- Ruby Booker

Around the blogosphere lately, I've seen several posts about Ruby and the Booker Boys, how it wasn't selling well enough, and urging people to spread the word and spend some $$$ to keep the series going. I liked the sentiment well enough, but I hadn't ever read the series, so I was staying quiet until I could change that little fact.

Which was harder to do than I originally suspected. I pulled them off the library shelf, and had them sitting next to me on the reference desk, so I could check them out when I got off desk... but girls kept coming up and being all "Miss Jennie? Can I look at those?"

Which right away is one of the best endorsements I can give-- it took me a while to read these because the intended market kept taking them away from me so THEY could read them. I then looked up the circ stats and these books are WAY more popular than I thought. This is what I call a quiet hit. The books get checked out all the time, but the kids never ask me for them, which, let's be honest, is how I tend gauge popularity.

I finally was able to check out the first two books. Before I got a chance to read them, I found myself at a bookstore (I do try to avoid those on a regular basis, they're so bad for my budget!) So I wandered over to the children's section, where I was only able to find one copy of the third book, Slumber Party Payback.

Look for the reviews later, but after having read the first three, I ordered the fourth, Ruby Flips For Attention, and I am behind the campaign to get people to buy this series so it'll stay in print and more will come!

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Doret said...

Sweet. The kids will be very happy that you give in to the pull of the bookstore and got Slumber Party Payback.