Thursday, April 22, 2010


Runaway (Airhead) Runaway Meg Cabot


Last we saw Em, she was being whisked off to Brandon's house with the real Nikki Howard, and Nikki's family.

Now she's being held prisoner, with no word from Christopher and angry voice messages from her mother about spending Christmas with a boy!

Nikki knows something about Stark that Stark doesn't want her to get out-- to the point where they killed her. Nikki will tell, but only if she can get her own body back. While Em knows she probably won't survive being transplanted into another body, she's also not sure she wants to give up Nikki's body. Despite everything, she's now used to it and being the prettiest girl in the world has some perks. Em knows it's shallow but...

Of course, Em knows she'll get to leave Brandon's house soon, because on New Year's Eve is the Stark Angel's fashion show, so she has to go back to New York so she can parade around on TV in her underwear. Joy!

But that doesn't solve the main question-- just what is Stark up to?

Super-exciting and a great way to wrap up the trilogy. Stark is even more evil than I thought. I can't talk too much about it without giving away the plot, but I've read some of Cabot's adult mysteries, and I think this series was more gripping and action-packed. I also like the way she balances some serious concepts about medical ethics, brain transplants, and society's feelings about beauty and celebrity and  with the fluffy chicklit flair that is her trademark without it being uneven or stupid.

Plus, how can you not love Lulu?

I wasn't totally sold on Airhead when I first read it, but Em's my second favorite Meg Cabot character (the first of course, being Allie Finkle.)

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David said...

Well, it went one of the ways I thought it could have gone with the Stark storyline- one of the better ones however.