Friday, April 09, 2010

Ruby Flips for Attention

Ruby Flips For Attention Derrick Barnes

Ruby's cousin Kee-Kee is the captain of the Wallace Park Spirit drill team. When Ruby see's the drill team before, she can't wait to start her own drill team, so everyone starts chanting her name! (Plus, the sparkly costumes!)

Surely, learning to dance and flip won't be a problem, but when Ruby breaks her wrist trying to flip, she learns that there's a lot more to the Wallace Park Spirit than the performances.

This one actually has a bit of a lesson (helping out the community) but doesn't whack you over the head with it. I liked how Ruby got all caught up in the sparkles of the costume and attention people lavished on the squad and immediately started her own drill team and thought it would all just come together immediately.

But honestly? The best part was the lesson, because it wasn't what I was expecting it to be. While there was a little "you need to work really hard to get good as something" that wasn't the moral of the tale. The moral was that if you want your neighborhood to go gaga for you, if you want to represent where you're from, then you have to do something to make you worthy of the attention and the name of the neighborhood. It was not the direction I was expecting the book to take and I appreciated the surprise as well as the lesson, which is not one I come across a lot. (I mean, community service is one we often see, but one linked to -- if you want to represent the neighborhood, then you have to make yourselves worthy is a new take on that.

I hope we get more Ruby. The series keeps getting stronger with every title and I'd love to see where it goes.

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