Sunday, April 25, 2010


Gone (Wake Series, Book 3) (Wake Trilogy) Gone Lisa McMann


Read was Leila has to say. Go ahead, I'll wait.

In this final book of the Wake/Fade/Gone trilogy, Janie's stuck making her decision between isolation and the physical effects of being a dream catcher. Cabe says he'll be there for her when things get bad, but he doesn't remember his nightmares, the ones that Janie gets sucked into and shows his true fears about the future.

Then, for the first time in her life, Janie's father shows up, only he's in a coma and about to die.

This is same as the other two in the series in that it has a fast plot and moves quickly, but it's also very different. Since the trial at the end of Fade, Janie's been outed as a narc, so there isn't any undercover work or mystery to solve. Also, Janie's mother and her drinking problems play a much more prominent role in this book.

I liked it because I liked the trilogy and I wanted closure on the story, but it's not my favorite book in the series. Also, I can't argue with anything that Leila says in her review. BUT! It does win points for having the most hilarious reference to Forever that I've ever read.

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