Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ok, not book related at all (except that I only started watching because everyone at kidlitcon said I HAD TO.)

But YAY! For Glee being back!

Sadly, the Vocal Adreneline version of Highway To Hell? Totally disproves my thoughts on why they're the superior Glee club.

Also, this is fantastic!

PS- Dolphins are just gay sharks.

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Fyrefly said...

I was so excited for Glee to be back, but I didn't entirely love last night's episode. Part of it was that none of the musical choices bowled me over, but most of it was that it seemed like they skipped a lot of plot and character development between the last episode and this one. Like, didn't Quinn say she didn't need the drama of dating Puck? And now she's dating Puck? And Finn was upset with all of them, but now he's dating Rachel? And Will's back living in his apartment and Terry's the one who's moved out? These all seem like important things that I would have liked to have known about.

...but still.... Glee!!

Marcy said...

Aaaah!! I haven't seen it yet -- should have avoided the whole internet this morning. I'm super excited about Jane Lynch, though. Yay Glee!

Melissa said...

Oh, I died at the dolphin line. And "Sometimes I forget my middle name." So glad this show is back.