Friday, March 26, 2010

Poetry Friday

It's Poetry Friday AND my dad's birthday, so I'm reposting a poem I wrote and shared a few years ago:

A Phone Call with my Father

I called to thank them for my birthday present.
I fill him in on life here,
The latest micro-dramas,
The antics of the dog.

He tells me of life there and how
My mother is working too hard
(as usual).
We worry.

He tells me of mill closings and
Changes in the football roster.

He also fills me in on the latest family gossip
Telling tales of my sister,
Once again proving she's a
And even though she's younger
When I grow up, I want to be

Three things before you go.
Two are standard father/daughter things.
The third--
You hadn't read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee?
Erm, no.

And then before we hang up,
Before he tells me he loves me,
Before he sends his regards to Dan
(and the dog),
He wishes me good luck,
Knowing full well the world we live in,
The obstacles I face,
But still fully believing
That his little girl can do

Round up is over at The Drift Record

Happy Birthday Dad!


Linda said...

This is a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Mary Lee said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Great poem!

DougWheeler said...

This is Jennie's dad. This poem moved me the first time and here I sit with tears on my cheeks. Yes I know and yes, I believe.

Serena said...

I like the poem. Very nice.

I know this is last minute, but I figured I would ask since you participate in poetry Friday.

I'm hosting a National Poetry Month blog tour next month and asking bloggers to participate. Here are the details:

Here's the form to fill out if you want to participate: