Monday, March 22, 2010

Nonfiction Monday

The Norman Conquest of England Janice Hamilton

A great introduction to Anglo-Saxon England follows into the story of lead up to, the Battle of Hastings, and what happened next.

Overall a great introduction to life at the time and the story of the battle and conquest, with a great chapter about the very long-reaching effects and why we should still be interested in this one battle that happened almost 1000 years ago.

But, what I loved most of all was the back matter. There's a great section on how historians do research, with primary and secondary sources, and a good discussion of the problems of primary sources about the Battle of Hastings and how historians deal with that. There's a translation of a few panels of the Bayeux Tapestry, a glossary of Anglo-Saxon words and their modern English equivalents and the same with Anglo-French. We have a time line, a glossary, and a directory of who is who. Also, source notes, index, bibliography, and further reading. Even better, the bibliography and further reading lists are fully annotated and primary and secondary sources are listed separately.

A great look at a famous battle and why it matters, but overall a fantastic example of what nonfiction for kids can look like-- something for everyone to strive towards.

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