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Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out

Glitter Girls And The Great Fake Out Meg Cabot

This is why I love Meg Cabot (this is what happens when little brothers spill secrets):

It is really hard to sit on a kindergartner, because they're so squirmy and difficult to get a grip on. Kevin wouldn't keep still long enough for me to properly sit on. (p 70)*

How can you not laugh at that?

In the latest installment of Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls, Allie wants to go with Erica, Sophie, Caroline, and Rosemary to see Missy compete in the Seventh Annual Little Miss Majorette Baton Twirling Twirltacular, middle school division. But, then she finds out that her mom has already said Allie would go to Brittany Hauser's birthday party. Ugh. Who would want to hang out with Brittany and all of the other mean girls from Allie's old school?

Allie's given the choice to cancel on Brittany, but... Brittany's party will involve riding in a limo into the city, going to Glitterati, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and then spending the night in a hotel!

Allie decides to go to the party instead, but it's apparent pretty quickly that that was the worst decision ever.

Oh, you know how much I love Allie. Cabot strikes the perfect tone with this character-- she's strong and hilarious while still being real. Her problems are the daily dramas that come from being in 4th grade, and while many are self-created, they're not completely annoying in the way that self-created drama can be. You know how sometimes you just want to whack a character upside the head and tell them to snap out of it? I never want to do that with Allie. Usually because I'm laughing so hard. And usually because the situations Allie gets herself into are rather universal and getting out of them is tricky to do while still sounding like a real kid. As an adult I love Allie because she's a good "role model" character while still being believable. A good friend without being a doormat, she stands up for herself without being a jerk. She's a good big sister, but will still sit on you if you spill her secrets, etc.

As a reader, I love Allie because her voice is so awesome.

So yes, this is a most excellent addition to the series, and not just because Cabot uses the word "Twirltacular" on a regular basis.

*quoted from the ARC, so it might be different in the real book.

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Katie said...

I absolutely adore the Allie Finkle books. Such a great little series -- and a great review to boot!