Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've now had a full week off work due to snow. My rapid descent into madness is amusing many of my friends, but... oiy.

One thing that's been nice is I have gotten a lot of reading done. I'm taking a class through ALA on connecting with tween readers, so you'll see a lot of reviews of middle grade fiction that specifically address how tweens will respond. Just thought I'd explain the odd shift in reviewing style.

Confetti Girl Diana Lopez

Nothing’s going right for Lina Flores. Her best friend now spends all her time with her new boyfriend. Her father would rather read a book than deal with his grief after losing his wife. The popular boys have nothing better to do than mock her for her height. Her only outlet is sports, but her English grade is keeping her off the soccer team.

Tween girls will identify with Lina’s confusion—over her crush, her changing friendships, why the school psychologist wants her to write a story, her English vocabulary, and adults in general. The dichos (Spanish-language proverbs) that head each chapter and are sprinkled through the text help illustrate the Corpus Christi setting and Lina’s Latina heritage, without making it a focus of the story.

I especially appreciated Lina’s struggles with Watership Down, as that’s a book my father has been urging me to read since fifth grade.

Additional thoughts: I love Lina's sock obsession. I loved how into science she was. I loved how she wasn't the only one with a crazy parent, and how all the craziness of the parents was understandable and believable. It's such a great book.

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Serena said...

I wish I had a week off due to snow...ah the trials of being able to work from home. Looks like you have had a great reading week though!