Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow + Libraries = making the best of things and no fines!

Here's the message from the webpage of the library system I work in--

SNOW CLOSING: The Library System will be closed on Wednesday, February 10th. Fines will not accrue on snow closing days. Library resources will be available online as usual.

It has an animated snowflake next to it. The line about fines not accruing just appeared yesterday (A version of this message has been up since we closed early last Friday.)

And, I just got this email from the library system I live in--


Please do not return materials until Arlington Public Library locations reopen. Materials due Feb. 5 through Feb. 15 are now due on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Please disregard any emails that call for returns before Feb. 16. NO LATE FEES WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE DATES THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED AS A RESULT OF BAD WEATHER. Again, please disregard any emails that call for returns before Feb. 16.

The Library offers a vast and growing eCollection through the website. From the comfort of your own home and computer, you can download audio books and text-based books, do all sorts of research--even learn a language. Any time. All you need is your library card number. And there's no trip to return things when you're done.


Alison (Alison's Book Marks) said...

I heart my library!

We stopped by yesterday before the big snow so I could make sure to drop off the books I had finished so they were available to other book lovers...

Serena said...

that's wonderful. I don't have anything out of the library right now.