Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Salon

Well, another year is over, and another has begun.

Here were my goals this year:

1. Blog at least 5 books a week for 260 total, or to keep up with reading habits, whichever is less. I did 254, which is close! Almost!
2. Read at least 20 nonfiction books 54, suckas
3. Read at least 50 books from this year's scary list. FAIL. I did 24, but last year, I only did 16, so I got a little better
4. Never have more than 5 pleasure reading materials checked out from the library at a time. FAIL. I am getting better at this though. Much better.
5. Finish read the rest of Silvey's top 100. (This is only 26 books, 7 of which are picture books. I can do this! Listening totally counts.) FAIL. I only did 5. I still have 21 to go.
6. Never be more than a year behind on reviewing. I will catch up with 2006 books by the end of January. FAIL. I still have books from April 2007 to review! Aiy yai yai.

And here's how we are on the left over reading challenges:

TBR Challenge: I only read 8 out of the 12. Ah well. I'll try again this year.

Buy Books: I was supposed to buy and read 12 books. I bought 48, I read 14, but only reviewed 7.

Fall into Reading: I read 27 out of my list of 90. When I made my list, I didn't take all that Cybils reading into account.

Here are this year's goals:

1. Review at least 5 books a week for 260 total, or enough to keep up with my reading habits, whichever is less.
2. Read any book I haven't read yet from 100 Best Books for Children by Anita Silvey.
3. No more than 5 pleasure reading books checked out at a time.

So, here are the new reading challenges (in addition to the ones I mentioned in November.)

I'm going to do the A-Z Challenge. Because I love a Challenge, I'm doing the one where I need a book AND an author for each letter. I'll be keeping track here.

I'm also doing Year of the Historical. 12 Historical Fiction books this year? Yes Please!

Once Upon a Time Challenge asks us to read 5 fairy tales that aren't Disney by the end of the year. Oh yes please!

War Through the Generations has me reading 11 books about the Vietnam War (I'm doing the swim level.)

The Colorful Reading Challenge wants me to read 9 books with a color in the title. Yay!

Coming up this week!

My best of 2009 list!

An interview with Melissa de la Cruz!

More book reviews!

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Jaymie said...

Loved reading about your 2009 goals and your progress. I saw myself in a lot of them. Good luck on your 2010 goals. Happy reading!