Monday, January 04, 2010

In The Wake of the Boatman

In the Wake of the Boatman Jonathan Scott Fuqua

This is the story of a life, of Puttnam Douglas Steward, starting from his birth until middle age, largely seen in the relationship with his father. The father/son dynamic might just be a guy thing (not being a guy, I wouldn't know) or a Tolstoy thing (all unhappy families...)

Either way, it's a compelling character study of a novel.

We follow Putt as he grows up, gets in and out of trouble, goes to college, enters the army and beyond.

We see him most in his relationship with his father, but also with his best friend Milt, his sister, and his brother-in-law.

Part of Putt's eternal struggle are some sexuality issues he cannot come to terms with. Unfortunately, Fuqua tries to put events in his childhood as a root cause of this, which is harmful and just... not right. It put a dissatisfying ending on an otherwise very interesting read.

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