Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back Creek

Back Creek Leslie Goetsch

The summer of 1975 starts when Grace witnesses Tommy White commit suicide by driving his boat into a pier. The morning of his funeral, her mother leaves for good and her estranged sister returns home.

In this summer before Grace goes off to college, as family secrets unravel, she'll learn the hard truth that people aren't always what they seem, even when you've known them your entire life.

I'm not sure whether this is a book for teens, or an adult book about a teenager. Goetsch's writing lacks the immediacy that most YA novels have. Her prose and slow and languid, like the hot summer days she's describing. It's one that your bookish teen readers (those who, like Grace, hide away in the classics) will enjoy, as well as adult readers. Goetsch writes with an amazing sense of place (I do love books with a good sense of place, where the setting is another character) that makes me want to journey a bit to the south to more fully explore the Tidewater region. It's a landscape my mind keeps returning to, long after finishing the book.

This is one I'll want to reread this summer when it warms up.

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