Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Won't be Bored if you Vote for Keena Ford!

Keena Ford and the Field Trip Mix-up Melissa Thomson

YAY! Keena's back and just as hilarious! This book has a student council election, an accidental partial haircut, and a hijinks filled (but realistic hijinks that will get you in trouble with your teacher, but not picked up by security) trip to the Capitol building.

Now, I've never fallen down the steps inside the capitol building, but I've been afraid of it every time I've been there (especially when I'm wearing dress shoes, which is every time I've been as an adult. Those stairs are all worn and slick stone. In a word, deadly. I'm surprised more Congress-people haven't broken their necks.) I laughed out loud when that became an issue in the book. Ok, I laughed at loud throughout most of the book. Especially the part with the thesaurus.

Everything I loved about the first Keena Ford book is true for this one, too. I also really liked the relationship between Keena and her brother. Thomson hits that balance just right of caring and loving for each other, all while teasing and driving each other up a wall. And oh, how Keena thinks it's so important to be the last person in line because Ms. Campbell calls that person the caboose? Such a stupid thing to care about, but oh!, what a realistic thing for a second grader to care about! Such early elementary school drama. I hope there are many more Keena stories to come. I love this series both as a librarian and as a reader, and the kids I work with love Keena, too.

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