Sunday, December 20, 2009


My favorite pizza place, Lost Dog, was open tonight, so Dan and I bundled up and walked on over. It was surprisingly full, and the pizza was fantastic, as usual. On the way home, we saw this poor inflatable snowman, a snowpocolypse victim:

This is the latest from my backyard. The snow seems to have pretty much stopped. Poor Sassy--the snow is almost as deep as her body. She doesn't know what to do! It's much deeper than the level of water she tolerates for swimming in...

It's about 3-4 inches deeper than when I posted this afternoon. As best I can measure, it's about 16-18 inches.

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Unknown said...

That is a lot of snow. People in California, where I live, love looking a pictures of snow.

Right now we're all complaining about the cold. It's been very cold here, down to the 50's and 40's.

I know, we can't handle the cold.