Friday, December 25, 2009


To my Christmas-celebrating friends, I hope it's a good one.

To all my friends, today's a perfect day to curl up with some Meg Cabot. How do I know? Because EVERY DAY is a perfect day for Cabot!

Ready or Not Meg Cabot

In this sequel to All-American Girl, Samantha Madison is still trying to balance her new-found fame, being UN teen ambassador, her awesome boyfriend, and her usual loser-dom middle sister status. Add to this the fact that her parents have made her get a part-time job and she's started taking life drawing lessons (which she didn't realize would involve naked people) and Sam doesn't have that much time on her hands. Then, David (the awesome boyfriend, who just happens to be the President's son) asks her to spend Thanksgiving with them at Camp David, which can only mean one thing-- he wants to take their relationship up a level and Sam's not so sure she's ready for that.

Lots of agonizing about ready or not Sam's ready for sex and how to handle the situation. Coupled with this is that Sam's supposed to show support for the President's new (and highly controversial) "Return to the Family" initiative. Overall I really liked this. Of course Sam's sister Lucy reads Cabot's She Went All the Way and Sam shares a few things with Allie Finkle (a cat named Mewsie and a dislike of red food. I have a mental list of things that frequently pop up in Cabot novels. If I ever get to interview her, I'm totally asking her about them!) Overall, a fun, funny read about sticking up for yourself and what you believe in, and making the right choices for you.

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How to Be Popular Meg Cabot

In 6th grade, Steph Landry tripped and accidentally spilled a Red Big Gulp all over Lauren Moffat's white skirt. She apologized and even bought Lauren a new skirt, but for the next 5 years, Lauren has made Steph's life hell. (Anytime anyone does something dumb, the catch phrase for the entire town is "Don't be such a Steph Landry!") Steph's had enough. She found an old book in her grandpa's fiancee's attic called How to Be Popular. Steph's going to use it, get the star quarterback and rule the school. The amazing thing is, it actually works. But, Lauren's not letting go that easily and Steph's other friends have some serious issues with the new-and-improved Steph Landry.

I'm not going to deny that it was rather predictable and didn't offer anything earth-shattering, but it was still funny and fun. I loved the character of school bimbo goddess Darlene, who had hidden depth. I loved how close Steph was with her grandfather. (Also, can I just say, I love the families in Meg Cabot books?! I know her home life wasn't great growing up, but her books regularly feature parents that are involved with their kids and who their kids generally get along with. We don't see this a lot in literature, especially books for teens. The parents are rarely around and if they are, they're often a main source of conflict.) I also really appreciated that the story takes place in a small town that is not populated by quirky characters.

But seriously, what is it with Meg Cabot and red food? Steph's little brother also does not eat red food.

Book Provided by... my local library

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Meg @ write meg! said...

I consider myself a bit Cabot-obsessed, so I'm sort of embarrassed to say I haven't read either of these books! I haven't ventured too far from her Princess Diaries books (LOVE!) and a few of her adult novels, though. Definitely adding them to the stack!