Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Cybils Nominees!

Say What?: The Weird and Mysterious Journey of the English Language Gena K. Gorrell

I was writing a really long review in my head as I read this book about the history of the English language. Mostly fascinating with some flaws. But then, reading the source notes, for a small pull-out box fact, she cites Wikipedia. That shut it down right there. If you can't find a better source than that, don't use the information. So not acceptable. The rest of the review and my feelings are moot. Nothing makes up for using Wikipedia as a source. NOTHING.

And now I'm just cranky.

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Book Lover said...

You were going to write a long review, so you must have found some enjoyment in this book. Instead you see "wikipedia" and throw a wobbley. You shouldn't be reviewing books if that's all it takes to sway your opinion.

cessie said...

Hi! I landed on your blog because we both signed up for Dreadlockgirl's readathon in the coming weekend. And as I'm curious who else will participate I decided to do a little blog tour ;-)

Have a great reading weekend!

Jennie said...

Book Lover--

If any of the elementary school students I help with their research ever quoted Wikipedia, they would automatically fail the paper. I'm sorry you have such disrespect for children that you think their nonfiction books can be held to a lower standard than their own homework. Why waste the time of my readers with writing a much longer review examining the books other flaws?


I'm excited for this weekend! I'm glad you stopped by!