Friday, November 20, 2009

Why are believable books about guy friendship so hard to find?

Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film about The Grapes of Wrath Steven Goldman

Mitch has three main problems:

1. Girls are confusing and he can't figure them out, let alone get one to make out with him.
2. His best friend is gay. Mitch is ok with this, but their friendship has been different ever since David came out. Also, Mitch is the only one who knows.
3. He couldn't be bothered to read The Grapes of Wrath and write his paper for English, so he instead turned in a clay-mation film that didn't have much to do with the book. He might now be failing English. And may get suspended.
4. Prom. See #1, above.

Hilarious! A great look at high school, girls, sisters, and male friendship. It remains hysterically funny while not trivializing the meat of the book--Mitch and David's friendship. This is one of the rare books where I believed that this was a friendship between guys. Too many times, male friendship to me reads like female friendship, but with guys instead of girls. I loved the exploration of how Mitch's issues with finding a date and David's coming out changed their friendship and how they dealt (or didn't) with those changes.

I also really loved Mitch's little sister, who had a way of telling him what was what.

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Alicia said...

This is one of my most favorite "guy" books (Lubar's Dunk is another)! I know the old cover was disliked by many, but I think the new cover looks a bit girlie.

Lisa said...

This looks like a good one, I'll have to check my library. I find I'm drawn to books with long titles like this, I'm not sure why.