Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When Cheerleader Zombies Aren't Just a Metaphor

Zombie Blondes Brian James

Hannah and her father are always on the run, but their new town seems different. The popular girls, the cheerleaders, are all a little too perfect and too matching. The weird kid, Lukas, says it's because they're really all part of a zombie cult and that Hannah should stay away. Lukas says it's the zombies, not the economy, that's killing the town and are responsible for all of the empty houses that are for sale. But then Hannah's given a chance to join the squad...

Excellent concept, poor execution. Most of the book is aiming for mystery "are they really zombies or aren't they" but I couldn't bring myself to really care. The entire story is Hannah's narration, there isn't a lot of dialogue and it's lots of tell, no show. Frankly, until the final climax, it's just... boring.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Nothing grates on my nerves more than all telling, no showing! Definitely not a book for me. Appreciate the honest review! :)