Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ways to laugh at the pain that is Junior High

Flashcards of My Life Charise Mericle Harper

Emily is trying to navigate a mother who is always on a diet and fighting with her father, and friends who don't get along. Add in a major crush and... well, it's not easy. She never manages to keep a journal like her Aunt Chester thinks she should, so Aunt Chester (not really her aunt, and not really named Chester, but... it's a long story) sends her "Flashcards of my Life" flashcards with headings like "friends" "kisses" "embarrassments." It's a project Em thinks she can handle.

Harper perfectly captures the awkward horribleness of junior high, and with great humor. Em illustrates her story and the flashcards with drawings about how her friends get along like "tuna fish and ice cream" and charts to map out levels of friendships, "Things Your Friends Might Do to Crush-Test You" and things she wished came in potion form, like not getting a red face or always saying the right thing. It's a funny read, but one that does deal with the real angst-issues of the age range. I really, really enjoyed this one and have been throwing it at tween girls ever since reading it.

A great one for your female fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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