Friday, November 06, 2009


Ok, I'm still struggling with the blog crisis that kidlitcon gave me about what I want to be and where I want to go and blah blah blah. Plus, I just have a lot of backlog to get through and other things in my non-blogging life that I want to focus more energy on and on and on and on...

I'm making a few changes in light of that.

In general, my blogging formula is

1. Write a few sentences on life, what's going on in blog world, general "hi, what's up?" type stuff
2. Review a book or two

I'll go a few days without posting because I have a ton of books to review but no time to do it. Days sometimes stretch into over a week.

I started pre-writing reviews (which coincided with a new personal policy to not return a library book before reviewing it) so that I could more quickly do a post for busy days. Sadly, adding the picture and links, adding my general "hi!" bit still took up too much time on some days.

SO! In order to cut through some of the backlog, I'm not now just pre-scheduling a bunch of reviews. They'll just be posted automatically, one a day, and there they are.

I'll start having more non-review posts for the other things I want to talk about.

This means that I will now have a post a day (including weekends!). Also, there will be multiple posts some days. Some days, I'll want to talk about the book I just read, so I'll review it in addition to my pre-scheduled review. I'll want to talk about other things to participate in the discussion or just share about my life.

For now, THESE CHANGES ARE TEMPORARY. I'll re-evaluate around New Year's.

Between Cybils reading, NaNo writing, and a slew of other things, I'm feeling much more stretched than I should. These changes are to get me through that time and if it works, we'll keep 'em or tweak 'em and if they don't, we'll dump 'em.

PLEASE! Let me know what you think. Are such changes going to totally ruin all the reasons why you read Biblio File? Or are they just going to make it more awesome?

Let me know now, and let me know as things happen.

Thanks for reading!

Also, there will be a HUGE announcement on Monday. Look for it!

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