Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read a Thon Book Review

Betsy-Tacy Maud Hart Lovelace

Well! I finally read a Betsy-Tacy book. Liz B raves about them. My friend Mary gushed about them when she visited this summer. Meg Cabot is obsessed. And, it's one of the Anita Silvey's Best 100 children's books and counts for several of my reading goals this year.

Betsy and Tacy are the best of friends and this story follows the adventures they have at the age of 5 in Minnesota at the turn of the century. When you think of "old fashioned" books, this is what you think of. Very episodic with their silly and fun stories about made-up adventures...

In general, this is not my favorite type of story, BUT, I do want to read more, because, well, the characters are 5 and they have lovely 5-year-old type adventures. Such things are not my favorite, but I could see myself really enjoying their 10-year-old type adventures, plus they grow up and get married and things. I think I'll like those stories, so I'm definitely looking out for the rest of this series.

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