Monday, October 12, 2009

Lady Grace!

I love the Lady Grace Mysteries. It appears it's going to be a 26-volume series (one for each letter of the alphabet) but, alas! after Feud, they stopped being published in the US. When I was in London in April, I raided the bookstore for G-K. L is coming out soon, but only for British readers.

Gold! Lady Grace Cavendish

Big things are happening at court! Lady Penelope is getting married and the palace is a tizzy with preparations and celebrations. But, in the middle of it all, the gold that is part of the Queen's loan from France is stolen. Every witness has a different story and none of the clues match up. Can Lady Grace solve this one?

Yay for Lady Grace! I love this series so much and was so happy to find more of it in London. (Even though I could have ordered them from the Book Depository with free shipping. I'll have to do that for later volumes. The link above is so you can get them through there, too. If you want. I'm not affiliated with them, I just think they're a great place to buy books you can't get in the states and wanted to share the love.)

Grace is a headstrong girl that might be too independent for her time, but look at who her guardian is-- Queen Elizabeth I. Also I love the way the authors of this series work in so much historical detail so seamlessly. It never interferes with the actual story. There's also a great glossary and author's note.

An excellent addition to an excellent Middle Grade Mystery series.

Where I got the Book: Own copy.


Anonymous said...

I remember wanting to read these when the series first started, and forgot all about them. I'll have to see if the library has any. Isn't it great to know that a series will be around for many more volumes!

Mrs. F-B's Books Blog said...

What? Why only in the UK? I call unfair!