Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hour 8

I thought I would blog the conference but it was busy!

Lots of talking about great books with librarians teachers and REAL! LIVE! TEENS! Plus seeing my library friends from around the state and getting all the good library gossip (this year its mainly about which systems are cutting what because of the economy.) I've even seen people that I met last weekend at kidlitcon!

Jessica Abel is finishing up her talk right now. Then I'm heading back down to DC. I'm hoping to catch the tailend of a friend's baby shower and then its all about the reading!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Keep up the good work. I'm starting to get a bit tired already--especially my eyes...LOL

Mark David said...

Hope your enjoying every second of the read-a-thon! Keep it up!

Kristen said...

Busy, busy day for you, eh? Keep reading and smiling!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Hope you make the baby shower, and happy reading!

Nise' said...

May you have many enjoyable hours of reading!