Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Luxe parts 2 and 3

Well, here are two mini-reviews for your enjoyment.

Rumors Anna Godbersen

This follow up to Luxe certainly doesn't disappoint. Caroline continues her social climbing. Penelope doesn't understand why Henry won't look at her, now that Elizabeth is out the picture. Diana must carry all of her mother's hopes. Meanwhile, Rumors are flying everywhere about every thing and every believes what they read about themselves in the papers and acts accordingly...

Did you like the guilty pleasure decadence of the first one? Good. You'll like this. Everything I said about the first one holds true for this one as well.

Envy Anna Godbersen

Everyone's off to Florida for a winter holiday as Penelope tries harder and harder to keep Henry in her clutches and he pulls further and further away. Liz has to deal with some, uh, consequences of her relationship with Will. And Carolina's position teeters further...

This one didn't hold quite the same magic as the first two. Maybe it's because the word "clavicle" keeps occurring. ALL THE TIME. Every dress shows off or covers someone's clavicles. Men are entranced at the sight of a pair of stately clavicles. Really? CLAVICLES?! It got annoying.

But, that won't stop me from looking forward to the October 27 release of Splendor!


Wisdom is Wonder said...

I have started reading The Luxe after reading your review, and I am thoroughly engrossed. It's an excellent guilty pleasure...I am glad to hear that the sequels are living up to that.

Leila said...

Clavicle, clavicle, clavicle.


She really does use that word a whole lot.

Jackie Parker said...

Ok, I'm sorry, but that was really funny. Your clavicle complaint.