Monday, September 21, 2009

KidLit Conference

Are you super-duper excited for the 3rd Annual KidLit Conference? I am!

What conference you say? DUDE! THE KIDLIT CONFERENCE! Bloggers! Authors! Other Awesome People! With panels and talks and lots of just hanging around and talking to all of these people we know from the internet. It's going to be AWESOME. At least, that's what I'm told, because it's my very first one. I cannot wait. You should come, because then I can meet you.

Also, because MotherReader asked me to be on a panel with some other awesome bloggers (shhh-- they're all much more awesome than me. I'll be the imposter, but don't tell.) We'll be talking about issues in blogging and possible solutions. To make things easier (and to give us time to really think about our answers) we're soliciting questions before hand. Like, now.

So, lay 'em on me. We've had lots of good discussions lately about things like accountability and arcs and what constitutes a review and should we use ratings and what to do about all the bloggers that are cooler than you and how do you organize everything and should we focus more attention on the books that aren't getting a lot of mention and on and on and on and on. Or you could just ask me about my insanely large TBR pile. Or my insanely cute dog. I'm open.

What do you want us to discuss?

Also, if you can't come, feel free to submit questions anyway. I'm sure someone blog it, so you'll still get your answers!


Melissa said...

You're not the only imposter on this panel...

I need to get my post out there!

Marcy said...

I'm sorry, I can't comment on the KidLit Conference, but OMG DOGGIE IN A FASCINATOR! Now I wish I had larger animals.

Greg Pincus said...

What if I asked what your dog thought of your TBR pile?

Thanks for the link and the picture. And I'll see you at Kidlitcon (where I will grill you MERCILESSLY on questions I refuse to ask in advance :-) Or not. Just don't want you getting relaxed or nuttin')

Caroline Starr Rose said...

The Clear-Off-Your-Shelves challenge is up at S. Krishna's Books. Join me!

MotherReader said...

All right, here's a question that you mentioned to me and now I'm throwing in back in your face:

Can you take experience book reviewing on blogs to paying print journals? How?