Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Theodosia is back!

Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris R. L. La Fevers

Mummy collections from museums around London are going missing, and ending up in the foyer of Theodosia's family's museum. So, Theo has to keep her parents out of jail, figure out why the mummies keep showing up, and deal with the return of the Serpents of Chaos, and to top it all off, Grandmother Throckmorton keeps discovering horrible governesses.

I liked this one a lot more than the first one. Rereading my review, the historicalness felt off in the first one. I think that (a) I knew what the expect so it didn't throw me as much in this one, and (b) this focuses more on the mummy mystery and the various secret Egyptology societies in London, so the historical fiction aspect doesn't play as big a part as it did in the first volume.

Anyway, I liked this one enough that I am very much looking forward to the next one.

Back in June, Sherrie from A View of my Life asked:

Is Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris R. L. LaFevers the first in this series?

Nope, that would be Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. Staff of Osiris is the second in the series.

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