Monday, August 17, 2009

New Challenges

Oh, and I signed up for 2 more reading challenges.

The Japanese Literature Challenge (so, I have to read a book of Japanese origin by Jan. 30)


The Random Reading Challenge. I'm going to go whole hog and do Level III. So, by July 30 I have to read 12 books chosen randomly. And chosen REALLY randomly-- get out your TBR list (or a permeation thereof) assign a number to every book, and then go to do get a random number off your list and there you go! Luckily, I live my life off spreadsheets. All my TBR books, lists for different challenges, library books, etc. etc. I've already started this one by combining three spreadsheets: books checked out from the library, review copies I haven't gotten to yet, books I've purchased this year, and the list o' doom. The spreadsheet is nice because it assigns numbers for me! Ha!

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Hazra said...

I joined the Random Reading Challenge too. No lists, no pressure. I like that!