Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Reviews from the Vault

Today is crazy busy in real life, so here's a short little review that I wrote awhile ago...

Worst Enemies/Best Friends Annie Bryant

In this first installment of the Beacon Street Girls, Charlotte's moved around a lot and is, once again, the new kid at school. As usual, the first day is a disaster. Slowly, she and 3 other girls (all very different!) thrown together for lunch seating, start to become friends and form a secret club. Chapters are told from different points of view, although Charlotte has the majority.

I would have loved this series in 5th grade. As an adult they're a bit predictable and familiar and therefore slightly boring. BUT! If you have a girl who wants something fairly wholesome with some length and exploring friendship with all the drama that only 7th grade girls can create? This is so for them.

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