Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hour 45

Hours read 16.25
Books read 7.5
Pages read 1749

Zombie Queen of Newbury High Amanda Ashby

Geeky Mia has never been entirely sure why Rob the football god, has started dating her. What she does know is that Queen Bee Samantha wants Rob to herself, and Rob seems to be turning. So, led by her hypochondriac best friend, Mia casts a love spell on Rob. A love spell that goes horribly, horribly wrong and turns the entire senior class into a zombie and Mia into their queen. Mia is puzzled and flattered by her new-found popularity until the new kid, Chase, tells her that Zombie Queen just means she's the first to be eaten. Now Mia and Chase have limited time to reverse the spell and save the prom.

Seriously, was my high school the only one in the US where the football players were not total gods of the school? Some of them were really popular yes, but so were some of the band people. Football player = super hot big man on campus is getting a little stale.

Anyway, a super-fun book and a really quick read. I loved how all of Mia's crazy cures and vitamins and supplements actually helped in keeping some of the zombie effects at bay.

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