Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bloggiesta update

So, it's been 31 hours since Bloggiesta started.

I didn't publish these goals at the beginning, this was my mental list:

1. Write at least 15 book reviews. (I have 71 books that have been read but not reviewed. I actually have reviews written for 32 of them and notes for about 10 more)

2. Catch up on my blog reading.

3. Update my blogroll.

4. Update my Amazon widgets.

5. Get two weeks worth of pre-written reviews converted into posts to be automatically posted. I have all these reviews written for a rainy day, but when the rainy days come, they're not getting posted.

6. Post 5 book reviews, probably of Jean Estoril's Drina series.

I've only been able to devote 5 hours to this so far. Yesterday was a work day and the first day of summer vacation, so I just wanted to catch up on blog reading in between helping people. It was fairly busy, so I didn't get much blog reading done. After work, we went to temple and then today I slept in and then had 3 hours of a roofer estimate (new roof! woot!)

So far, I've gotten my blog back-reading down to 912 posts. Oiy vey.

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