Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Being Nikki is out! Huzzah!

Being Nikki Meg Cabot

Having your brain transplanted into that of a super model isn't all it's cracked up to be, as we learned in Airhead. Em is still trapped and she knows that Stark Enterprises is completely spying on her, and not just via the computer they gave her-- they have audio bugs in her apartment!

To make matters worse, it turns out that Nikki has a brother who's more than pissed when he finds out that Em-as-Nikki has no idea who he is.

But here are the freaky bits-- someone is sending emails in Nikki's name to all those boys that Em keeps trying to fend off-- no wonder they won't go away!

Nikki's mom is missing and no one seems to care except for Steven (Nikki's brother) and Em.

AND! The big one! When Em tells Steven what's going on, he doesn't by it. He's seen the results of Nikki's last physical and knows she didn't have any underlying conditions. The death of Nikki Howard is totally fishy.

ZOMG I loved this. Lots of suspense and good mystery. I ate this book up, and kept having to put it down to furiously pace around and yell "OMG! WOULD YOU JUST TELL HIM________ ALREADY?" or "OMG! WHAT IS HE THINKING?!" Yes, I actually yelled at this book, which is like yelling at the TV, but so much dorkier. But yelled at it in a good way, because I was so involved in the story.

I don't want to say too much about it because it would give too much away. I haven't read any of Cabot's other mysteries, and now I really want to because of the way she builds them up. I like Em as a character. It's not that love/hate thing I have with Mia. Em is someone I can relate to. I also like how she struggles with the fact that she is, at times, really fighting Nikki's body. Like with Brandon Stark. Em doesn't really like him. The brain of the body is saying "no no no no no" but then Nikki's body is too busy melting into a puddle of goo and actually moaning when he touches her. And Em's brain is all "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

And then, the end? HOLY CRAP. I've always wanted to be Meg Cabot's BFF, but she's just mean! Luckily, she's like crazy prolific, so we'll probably see Runaway next summer.

Also, I liked Airhead well enough, but Being Nikki is 17 times better. But it'll make more sense if you read Airhead first.

Full disclosure: ARC provided by the author at my request.

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