Friday, April 24, 2009

Which Lunch Table do you Blog At?

I'm slowly catching up on all my Blog Reading after vacation. I seemed to have missed a spate of self-reflective angst amongst he book blogging community. Cool kids vs. non-cool kids and why we blog... My Friend Amy discussed it, Becky did too. I'm sure a ton of other people did and I'll discover them.

I won't get into all my navel-gazing feelings on this BUT can I just point out the absolute hilarity of cool and not cool kids in the book blogging world? Yes, I know there are the cool blogs and the loser blogs and but... holy cow guys, WE BLOG ABOUT BOOKS. We read and then talk about books on the internet FOR FUN. You don't get much nerdier than that. ;p


Becky said...

I feel that way too. The fuss is beginning to get to me. It's supposed to be fun. There is such a thing as over-thinking the situation AND I think the over-thinking can paralyze you if you let it. I love the phrase navel-gazing feelings :)

leila said...

Thank you.

I'm off to read now.

MotherReader said...

LOL. Yes, we blog about books so I think the "cool" label can't really apply.