Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sequels are Fun!

Rainy rainy rainy. I feel bad for my poor puppy that had to suffer through the scariest thing in the world ALL BY HERSELF today. (Scariest thing in the world? Thunder.) But, every so often, I see a glimpse of sun. Huzzah!

Also, there's a new Students Across the Seven Seas book out, Great Call of China! Not only a new book, but it's about CHINA!!!! Why o why doesn't my library have this yet?!

Anyway, today we have the second book in 2 series that I think are going to be trilogies. Not that I know they are, but that's what my gut is telling me. I listen to my gut, especially when it says "I WANT PIZZA."

Dead Is a State of Mind Marlene Perez

I loved this for all the reasons I loved Dead Is the New Black. Silly and fun, this time Nightshade has some serious werewolf issues. Even worse, Ryan seems to be pulling away from Daisy and spending an awful lot of time with the absolutely stunning newcomer, Elisa. Not that Daisy doesn't have her own new guy--Duke's a gorgeous fortune-teller that just won't leave her alone. At least she doesn't have to go to cheer leading practice, right?

Also, the best part? One of snarky-waitress Flo's t-shirts says "SCROTUM IS JUST A WORD" Big props for random The Higher Power of Lucky references thrown into fun YA lit!

Dead Is So Last Year is out now! (According to Amazon) Huzzah!

Fade Lisa McMann

Wake really surprised me, by being the opposite of what I thought it would be. Fade doesn't disappoint.

The police suspect that there is a sexual predator among the teaching staff at Janie and Cable's high school. The two are on the case. This involves Janie basically using herself as bait to catch the creep, which is something Cable has very big issues with and is straining their relationship. Janie's learning how to control her catching talent to make it useful, but there are starting to be some pretty bad side-effects and when she reads through Miss Stubbins's old notes, she finds out some truly shocking and horrible things.

This is definitely darker than Wake. The mystery is more immediate for Janie and the dreams she delves into for clues are worse. Plus, Janie has to use more than her dream-catching abilities to help catch the bad guys, which may be more than she can handle.

I'm really looking forward to Gone which will come out next February.

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