Monday, April 20, 2009

More Literary Fun

Ha! I've actually read Olive Kitteridge, which won the Pulitzer Prize today. I loved it. I reviewed it last winter.

Also, I forgot some literary highlights of my trip.

Like this:

Or the middle-aged business man, in pinstripe suit, sitting across from us on the Eurostar from London to Brussels, reading H├ęsitation. You might recognize the English title as Eclipse.

Belgium looks like Tintin exploded all over it. Obviously, they're very proud of their international comic fame. It's cute. Also, Brussels has huge comic-murals all over the place. It's pretty awesome.

Even better, I talked about my trip to the book district earlier, right? Well, I forgot to mention what I took away with me. How about a signed first (British) edition of The Faceless Ones? (That's the new Skulduggery Pleasant. It comes out in August here. Hopefully, I'll give away my copy before then. I just have to read it. Stay tuned.)

ALSO, you know how much I love the Grace Cavendish Mysteries. Sadly, it looks like Feud is the last one to be published in the States. BUT! I now own Gold-Keys! Ha! (The series is going alphabetically.) So excited.

I also got prizes for those participating the Guardian Book Challenge, so be sure to get your reviews in.

I'm back to London (and also Paris!) in September, so I'll pick up the Lady Grace that comes out in August then. Also, more prizes.

Here are some more literary pictures:

The building on the left is Chetham's Library, the oldest public library in the English-speaking world! (It's in Manchester, city-of-my-heart) It's also where Karl Marx researched and worked on a little book called Das Kapital. In a delicious turn of awesome, the glass building on the right is Urbis, the museum of urban life.

OH! And of course we saw The Globe in London!

And here's another bit of fun:


Devon said...

Had I seen Platform 9 3/4, I may have started jumping up and down. Oh, who are we kidding... I would start jumping up and down.

Anonymous said...

I've read the fabulous winner too. Did not really find it so fabulous. Not awful but not earth shatterign prize winning either...