Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Squeal for Sequels!

Happy Saturday to you all! How's life treating you? I am anxiously counting down the days to my vacation. (Where will I be next Saturday? MANCHESTER!) And, before vacation Dan's going to Guatemala, Seder, and some friends are coming from out of town. It'll be a busy week, but an AWESOME one.

Anyway, for books today, I bring you some series titles!

The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye Joseph Delaney

In the fifth book of the series, Thomas has been sent to spent time with a different spook. Studying under John Gregory was a walk in the park compared to what Bill Arkwright has in store, and Gregory's secrets are nothing compared to Arkwright's. But the study Tom must, for the Fiend is alive and well, and his children, including the evil witch Bloodeye are out to get Tom.

Exciting and scary, fans of the series will definitely want to pick this one up. New revelations about Alice, a different look at what a spook needs to know, and lots of scary water witches. PLUS! An examination of good and evil and if it's ever ok to use dark magic, and if the ends ever justify the means. I love the way this series looks at BIG ISSUES without it being like "Hi! We're discussing BIG ISSUES now!"

This series just keeps getting better and better.

The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons comes in August!

Alcatraz Versus The Scrivener's Bones Brandon Sanderson

Alcatraz is back, this time looking for Grandpa Smedry and his father, who seem to be hiding out in the Library of Alexandria, which is just full of the evilest of all librarians.

I liked this one better than the first. We have several of the same characters, plus some new Smedrys to hang out with. I really enjoy the way Alcatraz talks directly to the reader and the general meta-ness of it. I know this annoys some people. If you liked that aspect of the first one, be sure to pick it up. If it annoyed, stay far away, because there's even more of it in this book. I saw that as a good thing, some people I know disagree.

I'm looking forward to the next one!

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