Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Mini-Challenge!

Tammy's Book Nook is hosting this one.

What is you favorite non-fiction book and why? What genre(s) do you enjoy and are there particular writers that you would recommend to others? If you don't read non-fiction, why not?

I have a really hard time trying to come up with my favorite nonfiction book. Some of my favorites include Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler, Last Days of Old Beijing by Michael Meyer, and the Zipes translation of the Complete Tales of the Brothers Grimm.

I tend to read a lot of history, especially Chinese history and a lot of books about Modern China and the vast amount of change that is happening on the mainland right now. I'm sure you will be shocked to learn that my BA is in History, with a minor in Chinese. Some of my favorite authors are Peter Hessler and Shuyun Sun. I also like nonfiction about food. I've been reading a lot of that lately.


Kailana said...

I read a lot of history non-fiction, too! Not so much on China, though. I should read more about China, actually

Anonymous said...

I love nonfiction food books. Especially ones about local food, natural food or people's bios told all in food stories. have you read Toast by Nigel Slater. LOVE it. And his book Kitchen diaries is literal food porn. :)