Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All that glitters is literary gold.

Yesterday, Amanda over at A Patchwork of Books made the statement "I think glitter should be reserved for picture books, but that's just me."

I just left the following comment:

Glitter is a magnet for girls 2-6th grade. I could get them to read anything if a glittered up the cover.

By which I meant "if I glittered up the cover."

It's a statement I stand by, but which books would be most hilarious if we glittered them up? Glitter it to the point where, to quote MotherReader, "By the time I had finished reading the book, my hands looked like I had bitch-slapped Tinkerbell."

Get your thinking caps on and send me your most hilarious responses! It has to be something at a 2-6th grade reading level and really shouldn't be glittered.

I'm thinking maybe glittery Hatchet? (Which would be easy to do, because you just make a picture of the Hatchet all silver-glitter.)

What about Adventures of Tom Sawyer? (Glitter up a river? Or white glitter on the white-washed fence?)

What do you think?


HWPetty said...

"Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." -- Demetri Martin

Jennie said...

Lauren just added "Hardy Boys". Different things on different covers, but seriously, the old skool flashlight logo? The beam of light just begs for glitter.

Becky said...

I guess any of the non-circulating Newberys (and we all know some of them fit here) could have gold glitter over the award at least :)

Anonymous said...

Well...geez...apparently everyone is glitter obsessed when it comes to middle grade fiction and I've just been hiding in my glittery picture book hole. No idea such a little comment would spark such "glittery" responses from people!

I looove myself some glitter, but I also don't think that a book needs to be covered in it to sell to middle grade girls :). Plus, I'm not totally a huge fan of reading or even just shelving a middle grade novel and then walking around with glitter all over my face, hands, dogs, for the next 3 days.

That being said, I also want to play along of course...let's glitter up Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables. They just scream for some glitter covered skirts and bonnets!

Jennie said...

Amanda, you're right, books don't need to be covered in glitter to sell, but they gravitate towards glitter in an odd way, like magpies. I'm not a huge fan, but as a professional book pusher, whatever works.

But mainly, the idea of glittering up books just to get them into the hands of female readers is amusing me to no end. I really, really, really, want to glitter up Hatchet now, just for fun.

Also, I have found that many glittered books for middle grade readers (notably Fashion Kitty, Indie Kidd, and the Candy Apple books) have some sort of AWESOME coating on them, so the glitter doesn't dust off. When it does break off, it does so in chunks, so it's easy to clean and DOESN'T stick to your hands.

Also, I can't wait until you get to town!

Anonymous said...

We leave New Mexico June less than 3 months now. YAY!

Sean said...

I vote for "Everybody Poops" or "The Gas We Pass." But nothing would quite piss off a certain segment of the population more than a truly fabulous cover for "Heather Has Two Mommies" or "King & King."