Monday, March 02, 2009

Even old New York was once New Amesterdam

It's Graphic Novel week here at Biblio File, because I have a lot of graphic novels to review...

First up, is a nonfiction one, because it's nonfiction Monday!

Journey Into Mohawk Country Harmen Meyndertz van den Bogaert, artwork by George O’Connor, color by Hilary Sycamore

You know, I had to read this (not the comic book version, just the text) in high school. I could barely get through it. I think having pictures would have helped. Here's the review I wrote for school when I read this book this summer:

In 1634-1635, Bogaert set out from New Amsterdam’s Fort Orange to talk to the local Native American tribes who have starting trading their beaver pelts with the French. With the exception of translating, the text is unchanged from the journal Bogaert kept on his travels.

O’Connor's artwork brings out many things barely touched on in the text. His backgrounds add several elements to the story that are not included in Bogaert’s dry narrative—-traveling companions turn into comic buffoons and stolen glances add romantic intrigue. Sycamore’s color work helps establish Bogaert’s mood—-panels of trudging through the snow or being unable to start a fire are shown using only black, white and pale blue. Crowded longhouse scenes are reflected in the flames of the fire using palettes of oranges and reds. Includes a glossary and historical notes.

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