Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catch me if you can

I have me a slew of written reviews, to hold in stockpile for days when I can't write a new review. Today's big decision was which review to run out of the 20-or-so in my "working ahead" folder? I chose the one on top.

I Love You, Beth Cooper Larry Doyle

Dennis Cooverman’s high school commencement speech is your standard fare until the end, when he confesses his undying love for Beth Cooper, the head cheerleader. Little did he know that she has a beefy coked up army boyfriend who’s in town for graduation. And oh, the chain of events that is unleashed! Hilarity ensues.

The book only covers the long night after the ceremony and is a love letter to every silly teen movie you’ve ever seen and secretly loved. But smarter. The cheerleaders have depth and you both love and loathe and Denis and his best friend and the plot is ludicrous and crazy, and yet strangely realistic?

Anyway, it’s hysterical and I recommend it. It was an adult book but is one of those where you wonder “why is this adult and not ya?” I’m guessing that all of Doyle’s New Yorker cred landed him the more lucrative adult contract?

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