Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have had enough, of keeping quiet about all this stuff...

I have had Romeo by Basement Jaxx in my head ALL DAY. Which means I've been dancing in my chair ALL DAY.

Anyway, this weekend I had the pleasure to read a book that I normally wouldn't have picked up, but I had to read it for work.

Dead Is the New Black Marlene Perez

Weird things happen in Nightshade, so Daisy isn't too surprised to find out that new jukebox at the diner is haunted to play prophetic songs, or that the head cheerleader showed up on the first day of junior year, dead and toting around her own coffin. I mean, everyone else in Daisy's family is psychic.

But some weird stuff isn't good. Like the fact that a dead body ran away from the morgue and there's a psyonic vampire on the loose (one that sucks your soul, not your blood.) Daisy might not have her mother's or sisters' pyschic abilities, but she's still on the case. Is Sam really dead or just starting a weird new trend? Is she the killer vamp? Daisy's about the join the cheerleading squad to find out.

An engaging story that's funny and fun instead of scary and dark, even though Nightshade is full of characters that usually populate horror novels. I especially enjoyed the craziness of does he like me or not amidst the investigation and the interaction between Daisy and her older sisters. Daisy often feels left behind and left out, not only because she's the youngest, but because she doesn't have any powers of her own. Immensely readable and enjoyable.

I can't wait until my hold copy of Dead Is a State of Mind.

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