Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day in the Life

I've been absolutely loving Abby (the) Librarian's posts about a day in the life of a children's librarian. I think a lot of my love of these posts is that her days are so different than mine, even though I'm also a children's librarian!

But, I'm totally stealing her idea and giving you a taste of what my work day is like. I give you 2 days this week:

9 am Get to work, pull books on the holds list and process them, clean up the children's room, discuss upcoming displays with my boss, help design a flyer.

10 am The library opens. I'm on desk. When slow, I check email, work on a replacement list, and weed some books. Some questions

Do you have story time today (YES!)
Do you have A Narrative of Frederick Douglass? (YES--in teen)
Do you have books about Barack Obama for 8-year-olds? (YES, but there's a waiting list)
I need information about different types of land forms.

1 pm Lunch!

1:30 pm Attempting to unearth my desk

2 pm Staff meeting

3 pm Back on desk! Lots of computer help and giving out passes. When slow, I also do some paperwork for an upcoming conference and work on the replacement list. Some questions:

Do you have this book called The Graveyard Book? (That's exactly how they asked and the answer is YES! But there's a waiting list)
Do you have the Firebird anthonogy? (NO, but we can ILL it.)
Do you have any books about Frederick Douglass (YES!)

5:30 pm Home!

Another day:

9 am Pull and process holds, clean up the children's room.

10 am Library open! I set up for storytime and do last-minute prep work.

10:30 am I do story time for 2-3 year olds!

11 am Catch my breath

11:15 am I do story time for 3-5 year olds!

12 pm On desk. Biggest problem is helping a customer open a .docx file.

1 pm Lunch!

2 pm I should be off desk and dealing with new books, but it's a little crazy, so I jump onto the adult information desk to help out. Some questions:

Do you have books by Allison Hobbs (YES! But there's a waiting list)
Where are your books about resumes?
Do you have books about KSAs? (YES! Also, I think that is a very DC-centric question)
What's the status of my ILL book?

3 pm Back in the land of children. I talk to a Babymouse fan about the new one (we haven't gotten Babymouse #10: The Musical in yet, but it's on order!). Some questions:

Where are your Frog and Toad books?
When does your chess club meet? (Monday nights)
Do you have the book Tales from the Crypt? (We have the TV series on DVD, but no books. I then get in a long discussion with a 10 year old about the cryptkeeper and how much he freaks me out.)
I need pictures of viral reproduction

5:30 pm Off desk! Grab the new books, yay! replacement copies of the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid books have arrived! I bring them back to the children's room and get mobbed. I touch base on some things with a few coworkers and then...

6 pm Home!

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Abby said...

Yay! I love Days in the Life. I totally stole the idea from one of my library school friends because I always loved reading hers so much!